Update for our fans and friends…

It has been nine months since our last update, and it’s time for us to share the conclusions we have drawn from that time period.

We see God calling the members of the band in different directions. Because of that, we will no longer be performing as a band, and we are not planning to continue the recording project.

We are so grateful for the platform God has given us over the last number of years. We do not take that for granted, and we sincerely value your support. As the members of Longing for Eden invest in new areas of ministry, you will continue to hear of the ministry they are doing.

I will briefly share what the members are doing:

Eric and Jeannie are performing with United Front. United Front was formed to promote unity among the churches in the Cumberland area, and is instrumental in promoting unity concert(s).

Eric also continues to be involved in the area of addiction recovery.

Kevin and Lydia are adding another member to their family through adoption of a child that would otherwise have been born into a difficult situation. Lydia also continues her involvement in mental health advocacy.

Philip continues ministry to the LGBTQ community, and addiction recovery. He continues to write music, and you will almost certainly be hearing more of his music in the future.

While we cannot predict what form the ministries of Longing for Eden will eventually take, we believe that Longing for Eden as a ministry will continue, even though the band will no longer be the focus.

Please pray with us for clarity as we seek God’s leading and direction in the future. You will continue hearing news on this page.

Release of “My Prayer” in memory of Derek Thomas

Derek Christian Thomas, 25, of Cumberland MD, suddenly passed away on Wednesday, April 13, 2016. Derek is Philip Thomas’ son. Obviously we are heart broken. However, “Even in This… the Son will rise” (Lyric from “Even in This” on Heaven’s Inside Me).

This is the announcement Longing for Eden posted on our website after Derek was found to have died of a drug overdose. Derek left behind three beautiful children, and we immediately began thinking of ways we could provide comfort and help.

When Longing for Eden was first forming, Derek was a part of the band. We remembered a live performance Derek did with Longing for Eden which included this song he wrote. We found a recording of the event, and decided to release this song as a single to remember and honor Derek’s life. All proceeds from this recording will be placed in trust for Derek’s children.

We are sure you will find this a beautiful song. Pass it on. Click here to preview or purchase.

Longing for Eden

Project Hope

Project HopeFrom Philip Thomas

A good friend of mine, Chris Talley, shared a vision with me in April of 2106. It was a vision to bring our community together to fight the scourge of addiction that has overtaken Allegany County. He wanted to bring together all elements of our community (health services, schools, the faith based community, local political leadership, and more) to bring Hope to what seems to be a hopeless situation in Allegany County.
I lost my son Derek to a heroin overdose in April. After nearly a decade of fighting addiction, he lost his battle and I lost my son. And I’m not the only one. The numbers speak for themselves; fourteen deaths in 2015 to heroin alone and already 25 deaths in Allegany County in 2016.
What can we do? What must we do? It begins with saying “enough”! I have spoken those words and so have many others.
Project Hope was birthed out of that statement. Frankly, I’m tired of burying our children. This is only one step in bringing much needed hope. Many have already pioneered and / or joined the battle. The tide is turning and Project Hope wants to be part of the solution!
On August 28th, Project Hope will host a community event at Canal Place beginning at 3:00. Health Care services and Faith-based organizations will be present; Darryl Strawberry will be delivering a keynote address. There will be music, food, and other activities for the community as well. If you need help, help with be there!!!!
This event is not a Longing For Eden band event! Some of the band members will be helping, serving, singing, etc. but Longing For Eden will not be playing. However, we will be involved and involved heavily in helping to make this event a success.

How can you help? As we have done several times in the past, we are reaching out to our fans to make a difference in our community. We need finances from the Faith Community. We want this be a free event and an event in which we, the Faith based community can act, make a statement, and serve our community. Will you consider helping us? You can make contributions by following this link. All monies received will be channeled through our local YMCA. Thank you for joining the fight for hope!

Philip Thomas, Longing For Eden

Family Faith Night


Longing for Eden was honored to be selected to open the Family Faith Night at Allegany County Fairgrounds. We were opening for Jordan Feliz and Tenth Avenue North. They were both very gracious in sharing the “big stage” with us. Thanks to all of you who came out to support us and the event.

Longing For Eden Opening at Family Faith Night

We are honored and excited to announce that Longing for Eden will be opening Family Faith Night at the Allegany County Fair, July 19th. Longing For Eden will be opening on the main stage for Tenth Avenue North & Jordan Feliz.

We participated in a showcase along with Lighthouse of Hope, Sirens on Sunday, Turning Point, & Profound Revival.  We were honored to perform with them, and were chosen to be the opening band. Sirens on Sunday was the runner up, and will be performing on another stage during the fair.

All of these bands are wonderful, and we encourage you to support them any time you can.

Thanks for all who supported us at the showcase, and please plan to join us at the fair on the 19th.

Honoring Derek Thomas

Once again tragedy has struck. Derek Christian Thomas, 25, of Cumberland, suddenly passed away on Wednesday, April 13, 2016. Derek is Philip’s son. Obviously we are heart broken. However, “Even in This… the Son will rise” (Lyric from “Even in This” on Heaven’s Inside Me CD). We have established a memorial fund in the store for the benefit of Derek’s children. Your generous contributions are greatly appreciated. Please remember Philip and the family during this very difficult time.

Empowered to Connect Conference

Longing for Eden is facilitating the Empowered to Connect Conference.
Longing for Eden has been significantly affected by adoption and foster parenting. You may want to revisit the Media Page and listen the official video for Little Girl Lost. If you would like to know the story behind little girl lost, check out this link.

We are proud to facilitate this conference.

For full details check out our Events Page.

Registration Required

Sad news for our Longing for Eden Family

We shared yesterday about the passing of a member of our band family. Paul Williams, the husband of Marie Williams, one of our vocalists, went home to be with his Lord yesterday. I can not express how much we have appreciated the outpouring of support and prayer from our Longing For Eden family. Thank you so very much. Many have expressed interest in knowing the funeral arrangements. The viewing for Paul Williams will be held at Adams Funeral Home on Decatur St in Cumberland MD from 2PM – 5PM on Sunday, May 17th. The funeral will be held on Monday, May 18th at Friendship Haven Church (248 Williams St, Cumberland MD) at 11:00 AM (Doors will open at 10 AM) Please keep Marie and her family in your prayers. Blessings!

Longing For Eden's photo.

We are raising resources to help Jaryd and Marie to rebuild their life.

Help the Millers

Millers Banner

Left to right…. Brandon, Kayden, Jeanne, Gene, Emily, Joey

On February 18, Gene and Jeanne Miller’s house suddenly caught fire from an electrical problem, and the fire destroyed the roof and third floor.  Further damage is still being assessed. Most of their clothes were lost, and they can certainly benefit from some immediate help.  We are asking our fans to help if you are able.  Any donation is appreciated.  Thank you.  You can donate here.

The Millers are an active foster care family, and the children have been adopted through the foster system. The song “Little Girl Lost” was written from these experiences.  You can watch it here.

Here is a recent update posted on Facebook by Jeanne:

For those of you who don’t know…. when Longing For Eden formed several years ago, we were named “Out of the Ashes”. We chose the name because the message of our music was about finding faith and holding onto it through the struggles of life.

When we started to record our first CD, we had to change the name because someone else had already recorded under the same name as a goth band. We chose “Longing For Eden” because the name speaks to our desire to be restored and made whole.

This week the original name “Out of the Ashes” has taken on a whole new, literal meaning as 2 of our own band members lost their home to a fire. Please keep the Miller family in your prayers as they are dealing with the aftermath.

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