Update 7/5/2018

It has been nine months since our last update, and it’s time for us to share the conclusions we have drawn from that time period.

We see God calling the members of the band in different directions. Because of that, we will no longer be performing as a band, and we are not planning to continue the recording project.

We are so grateful for the platform God has given us over the last number of years. We do not take that for granted, and we sincerely value your support. As the members of Longing for Eden invest in new areas of ministry, you will continue to hear of the ministry they are doing.

I will briefly share what the members are doing:

Eric and Jeannie are performing with United Front. United Front was formed to promote unity among the churches in the Cumberland area, and is instrumental in promoting unity concert(s).

Eric also continues to be involved in the area of addiction recovery.

Kevin and Lydia are adding another member to their family through adoption of a child that would otherwise have been born into a difficult situation. Lydia also continues her involvement in mental health advocacy.

Philip continues ministry to the LGBTQ community, and addiction recovery. He continues to write music, and you will almost certainly be hearing more of his music in the future.

While we cannot predict what form the ministries of Longing for Eden will eventually take, we believe that Longing for Eden as a ministry will continue, even though the band will no longer be the focus.

Please pray with us for clarity as we seek God’s leading and direction in the future. You will continue hearing news on this page.

An open letter to our fans:

This is Henry, Pastor and Producer for Longing for Eden. It has been quite a while since we have given an update on what is happening with Longing for Eden.

It is now over two years since we launched into recording our second project which we presently title “Reaching Higher.” During that time, if you have followed us, you are aware that there have been many life-altering events that have occurred. If you care to be reminded of those events, look here..

I have told the band on several occasions that events such as we’ve experienced, force us to dig deeper foundations of faith in our lives, in order to carry the weight, and to become the ministers that God is calling us to be.

During this time, we have sensed God calling us higher and deeper. These often-painful events have also opened doors of opportunity for ministry, apart from our music.

As you might imagine, these events have also shaken our families and relationships, and stressed our time and priorities. We have always been quick to say that our priorities are God first, family second, and ministry third. However, we committed to produce an album of music that takes us to the next level, without compromise, requiring a tremendous time commitment during a season when the demand on our families and relationships was already being stretched to the breaking point.

We have concluded that it’s time to let our actions reflect our words. In order to build the deeper and more solid foundations in our families and relationships, we are taking a break from recording and performing, while we seek God’s grace in our lives to make our families and relationships secure. Right now, we can’t answer the question for how long.

God has been gracious to give us a platform in the community, and with our fans. We appreciate your friendship and loyalty. We will continue to engage in the ministries God is opening to us and things we see God doing in our city and our region to the degree that we are able, without compromising these priorities.

What we would appreciate from you, our friends and fans, is to remember to pray for us as we take time to allow our hearts to heal, and seek God’s purpose for the next chapter. We will be posting events that we want to support, and when appropriate will update you on what God is saying to us.

Thanks in advance for your prayers.