Help the Millers

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Left to right…. Brandon, Kayden, Jeanne, Gene, Emily, Joey

On February 18, Gene and Jeanne Miller’s house suddenly caught fire from an electrical problem, and the fire destroyed the roof and third floor.  Further damage is still being assessed. Most of their clothes were lost, and they can certainly benefit from some immediate help.  We are asking our fans to help if you are able.  Any donation is appreciated.  Thank you.  You can donate here.

The Millers are an active foster care family, and the children have been adopted through the foster system. The song “Little Girl Lost” was written from these experiences.  You can watch it here.

Here is a recent update posted on Facebook by Jeanne:

For those of you who don’t know…. when Longing For Eden formed several years ago, we were named “Out of the Ashes”. We chose the name because the message of our music was about finding faith and holding onto it through the struggles of life.

When we started to record our first CD, we had to change the name because someone else had already recorded under the same name as a goth band. We chose “Longing For Eden” because the name speaks to our desire to be restored and made whole.

This week the original name “Out of the Ashes” has taken on a whole new, literal meaning as 2 of our own band members lost their home to a fire. Please keep the Miller family in your prayers as they are dealing with the aftermath.