More of our story

The book Longing for Eden was published in 2010, in which the author, Henry Yoder, addressed the pain and brokenness that results when we fail to live as God intended. The book also offers support in the journey toward healing and wholeness.

In 2011, the band approached Henry asking for spiritual direction. As we have worked together, we have watched as God has taken each of our individual stories of failure, brokenness and pain, and has woven it together into a common message of hope and healing. This message soon became what the band was writing about. Our music and message is honest regarding both the struggle, as well as hope.

As we began to share our stories we realized that God was showing us new ways to come alongside others whose story is similar to ours. While our individual stories vary greatly, we have also recognized that we share a common brokenness.

While we are no longer performing or recording as a band, our work together has not been unfruitful.

This has given birth to ministries:

  • To families and children in foster care and adoption
  • To those struggling with addiction
  • To those struggling in the LGBTQ community
  • To those in the faith community who struggle to embrace those who are different
  • To those in the journey seeking a deeper foundation of faith to move on to wholeness

We have not arrived, but struggle on together, sharing our life with each other in LiFE groups. If you want to know more about the LiFE groups, complete the information on the contact page.