Project Hope

Project HopeFrom Philip Thomas

A good friend of mine, Chris Talley, shared a vision with me in April of 2106. It was a vision to bring our community together to fight the scourge of addiction that has overtaken Allegany County. He wanted to bring together all elements of our community (health services, schools, the faith based community, local political leadership, and more) to bring Hope to what seems to be a hopeless situation in Allegany County.
I lost my son Derek to a heroin overdose in April. After nearly a decade of fighting addiction, he lost his battle and I lost my son. And I’m not the only one. The numbers speak for themselves; fourteen deaths in 2015 to heroin alone and already 25 deaths in Allegany County in 2016.
What can we do? What must we do? It begins with saying “enough”! I have spoken those words and so have many others.
Project Hope was birthed out of that statement. Frankly, I’m tired of burying our children. This is only one step in bringing much needed hope. Many have already pioneered and / or joined the battle. The tide is turning and Project Hope wants to be part of the solution!
On August 28th, Project Hope will host a community event at Canal Place beginning at 3:00. Health Care services and Faith-based organizations will be present; Darryl Strawberry will be delivering a keynote address. There will be music, food, and other activities for the community as well. If you need help, help with be there!!!!
This event is not a Longing For Eden band event! Some of the band members will be helping, serving, singing, etc. but Longing For Eden will not be playing. However, we will be involved and involved heavily in helping to make this event a success.

How can you help? As we have done several times in the past, we are reaching out to our fans to make a difference in our community. We need finances from the Faith Community. We want this be a free event and an event in which we, the Faith based community can act, make a statement, and serve our community. Will you consider helping us? You can make contributions by following this link. All monies received will be channeled through our local YMCA. Thank you for joining the fight for hope!

Philip Thomas, Longing For Eden