Release of “My Prayer” in memory of Derek Thomas

Derek Christian Thomas, 25, of Cumberland MD, suddenly passed away on Wednesday, April 13, 2016. Derek is Philip Thomas’ son. Obviously we are heart broken. However, “Even in This… the Son will rise” (Lyric from “Even in This” on Heaven’s Inside Me).

This is the announcement Longing for Eden posted on our website after Derek was found to have died of a drug overdose. Derek left behind three beautiful children, and we immediately began thinking of ways we could provide comfort and help.

When Longing for Eden was first forming, Derek was a part of the band. We remembered a live performance Derek did with Longing for Eden which included this song he wrote. We found a recording of the event, and decided to release this song as a single to remember and honor Derek’s life. All proceeds from this recording will be placed in trust for Derek’s children.

We are sure you will find this a beautiful song. Pass it on. Click here to preview or purchase.

Longing for Eden