Typical schedule:

Friday evening: Longing for Eden Concert
Concert free and open to the public.

Saturday – 9:00 AM
Morning session: Teaching and reflection
Lunch – served on site.
Afternoon session: Teaching and reflection
Dinner break (Small group opportunity to discuss the sessions with a facilitator)
Closing Session with prayer and communion.

Sunday: Our goal is to serve the host church.
We are available to serve in any capacity as part of the Sunday worship service.
We enjoy giving your ministry team and pastor a weekend off.
We are available to do the entire worship service or serve in any other capacity.

Registration Fees: $30.00 per person / $50.00 per couple.

“Pay It Forward”: The registration fees are not intended as a means to cover the costs of a weekend retreat. The costs of the weekend you participate in will already have been paid for by previous participants and other gifts.

At the end of the retreat, you will be given the opportunity to make a donation to “Pay it Forward” for future participants.

Why this plan? We are aware that other similar retreats may cost hundreds of dollars. We realize that such costs may be a deterrent, especially to persons or couples in crisis. Our plan enables you to participate for a low registration fee, but then provides an opportunity for you to help us to continue the ministry, based on your ability to do so.

You will be able to make a choice about how you wish to participate after you have experienced the benefit of our ministry.

Suggested Donation: We suggest a donation of $200.00 per person / $300.00 per couple. However, any donation you choose to give is completely voluntary, and will be used to expand our ministry to others who will benefit from a weekend retreat.