Our church has recently hosted an in-house retreat weekend with the Longing for Eden Band and the very talented Rev. Henry Yoder, and his delightful wife, Connie.  Our fellowship was blessed by his insightful teaching.  Indeed he is gifted and called of the Lord into this area of ministry. The band was good and the small group interaction was helpful in the process of making application. Once I read Henry’s book, I knew I wanted to invite him to speak at my church.  The weekend is especially helpful to those looking for inner healing from past wounds and strongholds. A number of our folks found a new sense of peace and freedom.  I would encourage you to prayerfully consider hosting a weekend seminar.  ~ Pastor Mickey Stephens, Friendship Haven Church, Cumberland, MD

Henry, I’ve spent the week reading and reflecting on “Longing for Eden”. God used your honesty and insights to nourish me this week. It’s a great book. I’m doing a sermon series on Christian Community and your book sums up the burden of my messages. Calvary is not primarily to save us from our sin and give us a ticket to heaven but to restore broken relationships w/ God and others. Coming to the cross is the starting place of the healing journey. I’m planning to refer to your book this Sunday and encourage folks to read it. Thanks for being faithful and not letting your brokenness stop your ministry. ~ Pastor Joe Byler, Oakdale Mennonite Church, Salisbury, PA

Henry, I’m almost done with the book. I’ve been picking it up reading a chapter or two and putting it away then repeating the process. It sure represents your common sense approach of bringing meaning to God’s intentions and plan for mankind. Once I’m done I have a ton of folks to share it with!! This book is on target and meets its goal. Glad you were inspired to write it….. ~ Wayne Valentino

Longing for Eden This is a book that needed to be written and is a must read for everyone. Coming to terms with relationships, how we get to where we are, who we are, and understanding God’s plan for that, can make a difference for so many. We encourage you to reserve a copy as soon as you can. ~ Keith Golebie